Our expertise

Banking portals and promo sites

At Softwear Finance we design highly successful promo-sites and efficient banking products by employing the latest advances in programming technology combined with our own experience in the marketing of banking services.

Online Banking

For the past several years the Softwear Finance team have been successful at designing and developing online banking solutions. One of our most important jobs is finding optimal solutions for banks and payment processing software vendors. A significant amount of ground work in the field has given us special insight in solving problems related to frontend development and its compatibility with banking software. Ultimately, we came up with our own solution, which we call hacu.web from the words ‘happy customer’.

Mobile banking

We came up with as a result of our experience in designing mobile applications for banks and making them compatible with banking software. Become a Softwear Finance client and you will quickly see the advantages of using We have worked out not just solutions for mobile banking but also for the integral features of mobile services such as mobile wallets and other aspects of mobile commerce. Our solutions in this field can be entirely native, wholly web-based or a select hybrid.

Software for retailers

We provide the widest possible range of services in workflow software for retailers. These include services designed exclusively for retail operations such as online shopping, mobile applications, promotional sites and web portals, as well as services for software vendors. The expertise we’ve gained in working with retailers has provided us with an advanced understanding of designing interfaces for touch screens, self-service terminals, systems to maximise customer loyalty and software for video surveillance systems.

E-commerce solutions

During our years in business we have helped clients to conceive and put into practice a wide range of e-commerce projects devoted to b2c and b2b services. Included in these solutions have been online credit purchasing, termination pads for online micro loans, online shopping and many others. Clients come to Softwear Finance for our help in designing entire e-commerce solutions, as well as for any number of separate services in designing and developing software.

Fintech startups

One of the most gratifying aspects of our work is assisting startups in their uphill battle to earn a winning reputation. These might be young companies in the early stages of finding solutions for fintech projects and still investing in their growth. Then too there are some ambitious startups which are adequately financed and already on a firm footing. There’s a lot we can do for them as well: we can help them to avoid some common pitfalls by sharing our experience in design, development and the marketing of fintech solutions.