A few words about Softwear Finance


In the beginning

Our beginnings were modest, as beginnings usually are. We aimed only to be as good as we could possibly be at designing functional interfaces. In that first year, however, we tackled our first project for a client in the field of banking technology, OpenWay Group, a leading software provider for processing bank cards. Soon afterwards, we gained our first experience in creating software for retailers.

We began to concentrate more heavily on the specifics of business processes, which led us to create unique user interfaces and software for automating banks and retail operations. We produced our first interfaces in those specialised sectors, along with our first analytic reports on their implementation and use.


Our first fintech projects

We continued to expand the scope of our projects with new designs for two of the biggest independent software vendors for banks and retailers.

We launched unique designs for online banking, mobile banking from Java phones to iOS and Android devices, and software interfaces for ATMs and bank kiosks. We started to introduce interfaces for cash registers and touch-screens, and a bit later we engineered a system aimed at increasing brand loyalty for retail stores.

As we continued to increase our expertise in the minutest details of automatic banking and retail operations, we began to come up with innovative solutions for introducing and programming the new interfaces we were constantly creating. It took considerable time and effort to overcome the limitations of the server’s software, which we succeeded in doing only by employing the latest developments in frontend technology.



We created a wholly new type of interface in a packaged application for OpenWay’s online banking, along with mobile solutions for iOS and Android, and then for banking kiosks as well.

The banking sector became keenly interested in our work as we released more and more highly sophisticated product lines. In that year we engineered our first fintech solutions for banks by introducing a dramatically new design for mobile banking.


The company grows

This was a year of unsurpassed growth for our team. As we came up with more and more fintech solutions, we branched out into our own separate company called Softwear Finance.

One after another, banks came to us with requests that we help them to find solutions to their problems. Among them were banks listed among Russia’s top 100. It was in 2012 that we realised that our pilot projects in programming now allowed us to create our own solution which we could sell under licence as a ready-to-use product.


Releasing the hacu.platform

This was a year fraught with unexpected challenges, but we discovered that we actually relished the opportunity to face them one after another. We introduced our main banking product as ‘Hacu’, our company’s rather colourful abbreviation for ‘happy customer’.

The Hacu platform became a software package that allowed any bank to conduct banking in all the essential channels--web, mobile, ATMs, kiosks and SmartTV--with maximum convenience and a client-sensitive interface. Early that year we sold our first licence for Hacu mobile.

Continuing to work with Russian banks, we went on to sign a number of agreements with Ukrainian banks and opened an office in Kiev.


First steps to European fintech market

We travelled to London, where we made a formal presentation of Hacu at Finovate Europe. By now we felt sufficiently confident to enter the European and US banking markets.

That year we came to the realisation that we were not just an IT company peddling high-quality designs and licences for fintech solutions, but rather a highly professional team with a special capacity for painstakingly technical business analysis.


New challenges

At the start of this year we concluded our first agreements with a couple of European and US banks, while at the same time forced to shrug off a number of Russian and Ukrainian clients because of the financial crisis besetting those two countries.

We have now taken the plunge and started this site. Also, we’ve registered Softwear Finance in Ireland in order to keep expanding in European and US markets. Currently, we are concentrating on winning over new global clients in both the banking and retail sectors.

In the months ahead, we shall undoubtedly have much to relate, so please stay tuned for news of our continuing progressive stages as they come about. Thanks for staying with us.