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The bank’s directors accepted our offer and purchased the right to use our platform called with classic integration.

What we did

  • Customers research
  • UX/UI design
  • hacu.api deployment
  • integration

In addition, they asked us to integrate solutions for their mobile banking which would include iPhone and iPad apps, and Android apps for both mobiles and tablets.

In the case of Nadra Bank, a classic integration approach did not mean making fewer changes to the default interface.

One of the key benefits of our customised Hacu platform is that by utilising its elements we can design truly appealing apps that offer remarkable functionality. And the resulting interface is more than just easy to use, as it also takes into account the responsibility that customers demand of their bank.

Apps brimming with functionality make it possible for banks to pay or transfer money, draw up bank statements and generate transaction histories with remarkable ease.

Most importantly, the right apps help bank customers to look after their Personal Financial Management by keeping them constantly updated on their deposits, withdrawals and loan status, along with information on a variety of other bank services.

Naturally, we’ve also designed apps for smartphones as well as for tablets. When a bank chooses our Hacu platform for mobile phones or tablets, we invariably suggest a special version that offers an all-encompassing interface for smartphones along with one for tablets.

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