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When we started out working with Nadra Bank of Kyiv, we were assigned the task of designing a complex solution which included an internet portal, online banking and mobile banking. We concluded our work successfully and were entirely pleased with the results.

What we did

  • Wireframing & concept development
  • UX/UI design
  • Content markup
  • CMS integration
  • Template development
  • Integration with CoreBanking
  • Training of bank employees

Before we could start work on creating a portal for Nadra Bank, one of Ukraine’s biggest commercial banks, the directors made several specific requests. First of all, the portal we were to design had to work harmoniously with the bank’s existing systems. Also, our portal had to replace the bank’s outdated site and look excitingly contemporary. Lastly, it had to resolve any questions concerning the bank’s global strategy of conducting business through online banking channels.

It was further relevant to our project that the managers of the bank’s business division emphasised that our proposed solution should make it possible for bank customers to register online and be offered, as graphically as possible, all the bank’s numerous services. A further request was that we should make it simpler for clients and potential clients to communicate with the bank through online channels. Well aware of the features the bank wanted in its portal, we were no less mindful of the portal’s essential functionality and the need for it to be highly informative.

Considering the specifics of Nadra Bank’s internal processing procedures, as well as the experience the bank had acquired in supporting its original site, we realised that the portal had to make optimal use of all the latest technical advances.

Hence, every aspect of the portal we were asked to create would have to be easy for the relatively small staff assigned to support it. We were fully aware that the portal would have to work smoothly with the software provided chiefly by CMS Drupal. For that reason we designed additional modules and created a number of essential administrative interfaces.

In response to requests from the business division, we fully integrated the portal into the bank’s internal IT mechanisms. These included a variety of services, such as exchange rates, information on branches, ATMs and similar mundane matters. As it turned out, unfortunately, the bank personnel continued to respond to such questions using the system they were used to, though the new portal was performing all such tasks automatically.

The solution we finally developed helped to lighten the load on the call-centre and lower the cost of communicating with customers. In addition, the new portal increased the sales of basic bank services by presenting information far more conveniently than had previously been the case. In effect, our solution significantly reduced the cost of servicing the portal.

By integrating the bank’s systems with our Hacu platform, we succeeded in linking many of the online functions into a single system.

Thus, the bank was able to start utilising a single access system for all its online offers simply by gaining the advantage of a single user account for its portal and mobile apps, as well as for any additional resources and apps the bank might in future wish to include.

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