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In order to launch a new line of services under the bank’s Elixir brand, the directors asked Softwear Finance to create a viable solution for providing bank customers with online banking and mobile banking. The directors of B&N urged us to come up with the best possible results in the shortest possible time. The hectic rush meant that our fledgling company could concentrate on little else until the project was finished.

What we did

  • Research
  • UX/UI design
  • hacu installation
  • integration

We held to the terms of the agreement and did, in fact, manage to install and launch B&N’s online banking within a three-month timeframe. Half of our team worked concurrently on mobile banking for the iOS and Android platforms. That part of the project took all together four months.

As we had done with B&N’s online banking, we blended into their mobile-banking design, in accordance with the bank’s wishes, the corporate visuals created earlier by the outside branding agency. Unfortunately, this limitation did not allow us to employ a number of the designs we had intended for mobile banking apps in 2012.

Banks by their very nature have traditionally been conservative, and these conservative qualities have always lent banks an air of stability. And so we understood the bank’s preference to have us combine our work with the corporate style the bank was already using. After we’d finished the project, the bank directors concluded that the design of both the online banking and the mobile banking had just the right classic look, along with fresh notes of well-thought-out creativity.

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