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Fall 2014

In 2014, the directors of Delta Bank—at the time one of the ten largest commercial banks in Ukraine—asked us to design an interface for the bank’s payment web-service, which they christened simply Delta Pay. Our interface made it possible for people who were not bank customers to make online payments.

What we did

  • Wireframing & concept development
  • UX/UI design
  • Analytics

Before we created this special service for people to make payments, there had not been anything even vaguely similar in Ukraine. We finished the project in record time only by getting our team to work practically round the clock. In the end, we met the deadline and reached our goal in just two weeks.

In addition to ordering an interface design, the directors requested our services as consulting analysts. They especially wanted us to help them to analyse market trends, the demands being made upon them by different focus groups, and the possible value and positioning of a number of the functions we added to the new service.

Worth noting was our design of their “payment cart”, which operated just about like an online store cart. A user wishing to make several different payments for different services didn’t have to complete each payment separately and repeat the same steps over and over. Instead, users could select a string of payment recipients, add them to the payment cart, choose which card to use and then, with a single motion, pay simultaneously for all the selected services.

We paid special attention to the interface’s “payment calendar”, which we designed in such a way that posted payments, just like invoices, would be automatically viewed in one’s online account as projected before being paid. Such a payment calendar made it possible for the user to plan on making payments for various services. The user would then have a visual reminder of when payments had been made or should be made in future.

We conducted a separate part of the project to create a strategy for turning non-clients—those who found Delta Pay convenient—into Delta Bank customers by offering them the bank’s many other useful services and products.

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