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Hacu is a platform which allows a bank to provide its customers with the best possible user experience on any platform or with any device. At the same time, Hacu’s sophisticated technology lets a bank promote its products and services with remarkable ease.


  • web
  • mobile
  • ATMs and bank kiosks
  • SmartTV
  • embed

Compatibility & technical features

  • Easy integration with any payment processing software
  • Well structured unified API
  • Efficiency on any touch-screens
  • Browser push notifications

Business features

  • Integration with social networks (facebook, foursquare)
  • Powerful search
  • Integration with Google Maps api to show transactions on Google maps
  • Intelligent personal finance management software

solar by Solanteq


Payment Processing

  • Cards database
  • Authorization
  • Interface to personalization
  • Back-office
  • POS Handler, ATMs via concentrator
  • Payment schemes interfaces
  • Customer support workbench
  • Prepaid, Debit and Fuel cards
  • Multi-party Loyalty / Promotion schemes
  • Enriched transaction data

Other solutions

  • Testing Toolkit for processing
  • Switch
  • Clearing Center
  • Risk-pattern testing and risk management


We help fintech companies, banks and other financial institutions to launch their innovative solutions and services. Our consulting service provides the right strategies for them.

  • market analysis
  • analysis of competitive fintech solutions
  • UI/UX consulting services
  • marketing strategy
  • project scoping and planning
  • customer experience

Here are some updates

December, 10

The online-banking project we completed for Vostok Bank

We admit that, for a variety of reasons, we haven't published any of our work over the past few months. In December we hope to compensate for our lacklustre handling of the blog by offering our readers a fascinating look at the technical aspects of our Vostok Bank project.


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