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Hacu is a platform which allows a bank to provide its customers with the best possible user experience on any platform or with any device. At the same time, Hacu’s sophisticated technology lets a bank promote its products and services with remarkable ease.


  • web
  • mobile
  • ATMs and bank kiosks
  • SmartTV
  • embed

Compatibility & technical features

  • Easy integration with any payment processing software
  • Well structured unified API
  • Efficiency on any touch-screens
  • Browser push notifications

Business features

  • Integration with social networks (facebook, foursquare)
  • Powerful search
  • Integration with Google Maps api to show transactions on Google maps
  • Intelligent personal finance management software


Design services

  • Research and analysis of all the requirements of the new product, or of the new version of an existing product
  • UI/UX design for web, mobile apps, smartTV apps and almost all kinds of touch screens
  • Magically appealing brand design that users find irresistible

Software development

  • Ultra-advanced technologies of front-end development: from HTML, CSS and JavaScript to creation of an innovative design solution that uses your existing API
  • Custom mobile development. Our approach can be completely native, completely web-based or a hybrid


We help fintech companies, banks and other financial institutions to launch their innovative solutions and services. Our consulting service provides the right strategies for them.

  • market analysis
  • analysis of competitive fintech solutions
  • UI/UX consulting services
  • marketing strategy
  • project scoping and planning
  • customer experience

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We are updating our web site

We came to realise that each of our client banks requires a very particular sort of fintech solution, especially if it's a bank that pays sincere attention to the convenience of its customers. We now have a comprehensive understanding of the most effective ways for a bank or other financial institution to sell its products and services through remote banking channels, how such an institution can best set up its marketing strategy, and how it can easily justify the comparatively minor expense of initiating online banking and mobile banking.


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+353 1 9036720


Ukraine +38 044 209 97 88
Russia +7 905 281-50-19